Getting started

Penglai-Enclave Overview

Penglai Enclave is an open-sourced enclave system an RISC-V, which is suitable for multiple scenarios.

There are two main series of Penglai enclaves:

  • Penglai-TVM: It realizes a scalable enclave system with the pure software implementation of Guarded page table (details of guarded page table can be found in our OSDI paper). With the benefit of our scalable design, Penglai-TVM can realize the scalable memory protection, zero-copy communication and enclave fast boot. You can get the source code of Penglai-TVM here .

  • Penglai-PMP: It leverages the PMP/sPMP to protect enclave memory. sPMP is our new hardware extension, which will act as RISC-V MPU later (you can find more information in sPMP white paper). Penglai-PMP version is more lightweight and can be used in the IoT devices. You can get the source code of Penglai-PMP here .

Quick start

Penglai enclave can support multiple platforms:


The tutorials for Penglai Enclave, which introduce the enclave usages and basic functionalities.

User manual

In the user manual, it defines all interfaces and functions you can invoke in host application and enclaves. More details can be found in the following documents: