Running Penglai-TVM with QEMU

Environment requirement

Penglai uses Docker for building and uses submodules to track different componets.

Therefore, the only requirement to build and run penglai-demo is:

  • Docker: for building/running Penglai

  • Git: for downloading the source code

Get source code

The source code of Penglai-TVM is available, click here to jump to our git repo. You can clone our project with the following script.

git clone


Enter the penglai-enclave directory, cd Penglai-Enclave-TVM

And then,

git submodule update --init --recursive

Last, build penglai using our Docker image:

./ build

When the building process finished, you are ready to run penglai.


In current verrsion, building maybe failed but will not stop the build procedure. So you need to check the build output and make sure there is no error.


Enter the Penglai-Enclave-TVM directory


./ qemu

If everything is fine, you will enter a Linux terminal booted by Qemu with Penglai-installed.

Enter the terminal with the user name: root, and passwords: penglai.

Insmod the enclave-driver


And then, you can run a demo, e.g., a hello-world enclave, using

./host hello-world

Here, the host is an enclave invoker, which will start an enclave (name from input).